LoopRecorder is an almost click-less Live Looper, a Recorder (wav) and a Loop Player (wav, flac, aiff, mp3, ogg). Insert it as a plugin, place the cursor where you want to record and press play in your host. There is no "rec" button, the input is always recorded to temporal buffers from the start, so you can quickly save your ideas as soon as you get them right. You can set "Auto Save" to save the results automatically, drag and drop the samples or click on "Save" only when you want to save your last take. The last loop is kept in an extra buffer to give you extra time to decide if you want to store it.

We know that musicians don't like to mingle with the computer mouse so all buttons and toggles can be linked to your MIDI controller with a right click on them (watch the "MIDI Setup" video for more details).

Finally a standalone version is also included. Select in "Open with" LoopRecorder to quickly audition your loop files (wav, flac, aiff, mp3, ogg) or to jam with them.

Demo limitations:
The demo is free and fully functional but plays a noise every few seconds and includes an add banner.

  • Drag and Drop your recordings to and from your DAW instantly to create layered one-shots in a heart beat.
  • MIDI Learn: almost every button and toggle of the plug-in can be linked to your MIDI controller (right-click on them with your mouse to configure them).
  • Automatic naming (with user tags, bars or your host BPM) helps you save your recordings quickly. You don't have to type a file name each time that you save.
  • The "Start" modes will allow you to sync your loops with your host bars or beats, but you can also manually start and stop it independently of the host transport with an automatable "Start" button.
  • Enable the built-in crossfades for a click-free experience or disable them for pure non-destructive recordings (see the "Settings" section for more details).
  • Undo and redo buttons are included (up to 50 undos supported).
  • Create overdubbed loops with "Auto Load".
  • A silence detector discards empty buffers (click on "Settings" to set the threshold level).
  • Save automatically ideas while you play with "Auto Save".
  • Use it as a recorder and save time when you export: no need to move the export markers anymore, just press play where you want to start and stop where you want to finish.
  • Insert this plugin anywhere in your mixing chain to record the effect of non-automatable parameters.
  • Use the metronome to record live music (adjust the click gain in "Settings").
  • Sync the time signature and BPM with your host or set your own.
  • Record mono from the left or right input channel (click on "Settings" to select the input channel).
  • Save your recordings in 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit (click on "Settings" to select the Bit Depth).
  • Save your settings as default so that the next time that you open LoopRecorder everything is ready.
  • Last but not least, enjoy our entirely resizable UI!

This plugin is available in VST and AU formats (64-bit).

Only Windows 8,10 and 11 and Mac OSX before Catalina are officially supported (Universal2 binaries for newer systems are provided but they require manual removal from Apple's quarantine).

We aim to support as many plugin hosts as possible, including (but not limited to) Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Reaper, Bitwig, FL Studio, Studio One and Cantabile.

However, because there is a myriad of different configurations, we recommend you to download and test our free demo before you buy it to make sure that the plugin is working well with your system.

The price of a license is 32 EUR and it allows 1 individual to enjoy the plugin in up to 3 computers, removing the add banner and the recurrent noise. Please understand that infringements of this agreement may result in the revocation of your license without refund.

There aren't. We try to offer the best price all year round. The best time is always now.

Make sure you thoroughly test the demo before buying it. We don't provide refunds.

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Demo limitations:
This demo fully functional but plays a noise every few seconds and includes an add banner. Buy it to remove the noise and the banner.

There aren't. We try to offer the best prices all year round. The best time is always now!

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